Muck Boot Woody Max Hunting Boots Review

Muck Boot Woody Max Hunting Boots Review
Muck Boot Woody Max Hunting Boot


Around $152-$252 - Available on


High-grade rubber, MS-1 molded outsole, Stretch-fit Comfort Topline


Bulky tread


Muck Woody Max Rubber Insulated Men's Hunting Boots are designed to protect feet from extreme cold conditions

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Most every hunter at some point has made the mistake of venturing out on either a snowy hunt, or a frigid one, and hoped that their multiple sock layers would keep them warm and dry during the day. At some point, you step in one wayward puddle, or trek through the snow too long, and your feet are wet, cold, and hurting.

This scenario can ruin a hunt, and maybe even a trip. It’s also kinda dangerous. Muck boots offer a viable alternative to porous and thin hunting boots, but the design can sometimes be restricting and uncomfortable, often feeling like fancy rain boots more than anything.

About The Product

Muck Boot Woody Max Hunting Boots Sole

The Muck Boot Woody Max hunting boots are the solution to poorly designed muck boots, offering impenetrable waterproof capabilities, equally matched with comfort, support, and firm traction.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Insulation: Neoprene & Fleece Lining
  • Scent Free? Yes

The outermost layer of the Wood Max boots is made from a thick, yet flexible rubber material that completely shields your feet and lower legs from any moisture whatsoever. The style itself is alluring as well, combining a Mossy Oak theme with a half solid color.

The tread of the Woody Max is made from a rugged MS-1 rubber material that offers a small amount of shock absorption and flex, capped off with an aggressive and stable lug design that ensures soldi traction on snow, gras, mud — pretty much anything.

Just beneath the rubber outer layer is a thing layer of neoprene that fully traps heat inside, while preventing cold from getting in. This is combined with a thin fleece layer that offers even more heat retention, but also a high amount of comfort as well.

An EVA contoured midsole gives the boot outstanding support, keeping the feet perfectly in place with each step, and providing a more stable feel in general. Rather than the usual gusset, the Wood Max’s use an elastic stretch-fit topline to seal off the boots at the calves.

What Others Say

The Woody Max’s are one of the rare hunting boots that offer full waterproofing and protection down to 40 degrees below zero, but are still easy to wear, comfortable, and have a solid amount of flex.

You can wear these things in Antarctica, and your feet will stay dry and warm — but not at the expense of your walking ability. It would be nice to have some variance with the tread along the sole, mainly in the front and back.

Muck Boot Woody Max Hunting Boots Back

Final Verdict

Muck Boot has earned a reputation for making comfy, durable hunting boots that can be used in the worst of conditions, without feeling clunky, rigid, or hard. The Woody Max’s are just another example. While these boots are ideal for cold temperatures and moisture, you may find yourself using them any time of year, which truly says it all.

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