Kamik Men’s Hunter Boots Review

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boots Review
Kamik Men’s Hunter Boots



Durable rubber, Fully removable liners, Price




Never let the weather hold you back with Kamik Mens Hunter Waterproof Boots.

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With hunting gear, higher-priced items are usually indicative of the quality in most cases, but not everyone has a few hundred dollars to drop on a pair of cold weather hunting boots. Fortunately, there are some great hunting boots out there that are well under $100, and do everything you need winter hunting boots to do.

About The Product

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boots Sole

The Kamik Hunter Boots are a prime example. Inexpensive, yet high-performing, these boots are perfectly capable of handling arctic-like weather conditions, while providing a full barrier that prevents any moisture from entering whatsoever.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Sole: Explorer Rubber
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Insulation: Thermal
  • Scent Free? No

Simplicity is the name of the game for these boots. Each color option is solid and without any patterns, but the overall aesthetic is sleek. The entire outer of the boots is made from a durable rubber that offers a good amount of flex, with little detailing.

The tread is forged from hard rubber, and has a basic pattern that’s geared for versatility, but also suitable for snow, mud, and other wet conditions.

The boot extends up past the calves, and has a nylon collar at the very top that includes a drawstring so you can tighten them accordingly. On the inside, the boot has full 8mm thermal liners that almost look like a separate boot.

The liners are fully removable, and give you a lot of flexibility in regards to using your own if desired, or taking them out during warmer weather. The material is thermal, and wicks away moisture. They’re also very, very warm.

The end result is a simple and versatile boot that’s certainly great for hunting in the winter, but also ideal for practically any outdoor situation when there’s snow or cold weather present — all the way down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if you already have another pair of boots, these are great to keep on hand, and the price makes it easy.

What Others Say

It’s hard to not highlight the price of these boots, and the massive value they provide buyers. The final cost is dependent on your size and color, but you can expect to keep it far below $100 no matter what.

Despite the price, these boots perform arguably as well as some products costing two or three times their cost. They are fully waterproof, handle cold weather without any issues, and are a lot more comfortable than they look.

The removable liner is a huge bonus. The liner is definitely warm, but it’s easy to take them out when the weather doesn’t call for it. It’s hard to criticize boots that offer this much value, but a fleece liner would be very appreciated.

Buying Advice

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boots Back

If you are going to be wearing thinner socks with the liners, you only need to order a half size up. Thicker sock, or sock layers require a full size up. Also keep in mind the removable liner aspect, and the opportunity to use your own.

Final Verdict

These are great hunting boots for snow and cold weather, even if you have no idea how much they cost. The Kamik Hunter Boots are very simple, but they do everything you need them to, and provide enough versatility to be used year-round, and for more than just hunting.

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